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New Sections, New Posts, Same Amount of Awesome.

The site is back up and running, and this time it’s going in a whole new direction! I’ve added two sections, Songs/Music and Media Resources. The Songs/Music section will be updated every week with a review of a band or song. I’ll also be throwing in some of my own music (past and present). The Media Resource section will be links and summaries of important articles and websites I used in the past when learning about social media/marketing/PR. I’ll add any new resources I come across now as well if I think they’re worthwhile.

So welcome to the new and improved blog. In other words, get ready to feel like this every time you read it.

You're welcome internet.

You’re welcome internet.

Currently Updating the Site Layout- Content to Return Shortly.

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The site is temporarily down while we’re updating the layout. Check back soon for updates and new articles!